IFA Coaching

Personalised Masterstroke Coaching by Brijesh

Take your business to the next level. Get personal coaching from Brijesh

What is covered

  • Identifying the strength & weakness of IFA / RIA
  • Analysing current business model and recommendations
  • Key strategies to grow business
  • How to manage clients effectively
  • How to manage time effectively
  • Revenue Model
  • The Right Fee Model (for RIAs)
  • Regular reporting & follow-up

Coaching Fee

Rs.25,000/- or 0.01% of AUM (whichever is higher. See eg. below)

If your AUM is Rs.20 Crore, fee will be Rs.25,000/-.

If your AUM if Rs.45 Crores, fee will be Rs.45,000/-



12 months

Renewal Fee – Annual (Optional)

Rs.25,000/- or 0.005% of AUM (which ever is higher)


IFA Coaching FAQs

What will be the mode of communication?

“Mostly, it will be through telephonic discussions, email and messaging, video calls. If you come to Kolkata, personal meetings will be arranged.”

Can I terminate the coaching in between?

“Yes. You can. If the terminations happens within 3 months, 50% of the pro rata fee of the remaining period will be refunded. After 3 months, no refunds would be given.”

Can Brijesh terminate the coaching in between?

“Yes. In this case, full pro-rata fee of the remaining period will be refunded.”

Is there any limitation on telecon??

“No. You can talk to Brijesh any no. of times. Telecons will be pre-fixed.”

Do I need to share my client’s detail and information?


Is this program suitable for IFAs in small city also?

“Yes. This program is suitable for all categories of IFAs/financial planners (big or small) and all cities, across India.”

Is this program related only to mutual funds?

“This program is primarily based on IFA, not products, though mutual funds will form a substantial part of it. ”


Yes, I am interested.



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