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Simply put, a client can be defined as someone who invests regularly (atleast once a year) whereas a customer is irregular. A SIP investor can be qualified as a client since investment is coming regularly. This business is about clients, not customers. If a customer invested once long back and there is no regular business and income, there is no point considering that customer as a client. It won't help in growing business.

FIFA is a pan India trade body that represents IFA in front of SEBI, AMFI and Ministry of Finance. As on 31st Mar 2017, FIFA had over 1500 members from across 175 locations, making it the only true pan India body. The more number of members FIFA has, the more power it will have. When you join FIFA, you help in strengthening the cause of IFAs as a whole. You also benefit by various knowledge sessions organised by FIFA and guidance from fellow members from the fraternity. If all  IFAs think about their interest first, there will be no result. We have to come together, make a joint effort and only then the whole industry can benefit. 

You can read  (1) ‘Million Dollar Financial Advisor’ by David Mullen, (2) 'Behavior Gap' by Carl Richards, (3) 'Mutual Fund Handbook for IFAs' by Brijesh Dalmia and (4) 'Riding the roller coaster" by Amit Trivedi.

You can visit websites like , , , , , etc.

It is important than you understand debt. Ask your local mutual fund companies to organise training on debt funds.

Knowledge always pays. You can definitely consider to pursue the course of CFP. Being a CFP will improve your skill sets and add goodwill. However, don't expect overnight success just because you are a CFP. It will be an addition to your capability to add and serve clients better.


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