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Mr. Patel wish to create a corpus of 50 Lacs for his daughter’s wedding. He has an existing investment of Rs.3,50,000/- which is expected to yield 8% pa. returns going forward.   He has asked for a proposal of how much SIP he would need to do in a balance fund to achieve the corpus of 50 Lacs after accounting for his existing investment. Expected returns to assume at 12% pa. compounded monthly. Current age of her daughter is 7 years.Funds needed at age 22.


Mrs. Sharma current age is 58 years. She approached you for her retirement years annuity planning. She has a corpus of 45 lacs which she wish to put in an annuity plan so that she could get monthly payments till 80 years of age. No balance is required at the end of period. She wants to know how much she will get monthly if returns are assumed at 7% pa. For simplicity, assume monthly return as (7%/12).


Mr. Ram has a daughter aged 3 years. He needs Rs.50 Lacs for her marriage at age 24. How much amount of SIP he needs to do for a period of 10 years. Assume Rate of Return at 12% compounded monthly during SIP period and 10% compounded yearly after that.


Mr. Shyam plans to buy a home after 15 years which is expected to cost Rs.50 Lacs. To achieve this goal, he plans to invest on a monthly basis in an Equity Mutual Fund. He expects to earn a return of 12% p.a. compounded monthly. How much amount he must invest monthly?


Rohit wants to give his daughter Rs.20,000/- at the end of each year for the next 5 years. Assuming his daughter deposits that amount in a savings account earning 8.00% interest p.a., how much will she get at the end of 5 years? If Rohit decides to give it at the beginning of each year instead, how much will his daughter receive?

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