MF Central Platform Launch Today

✅To address market regulator SEBI’s directive to come up with a platform for MF transactions by 31 December, KFinTech and CAMS have joined hands to launch a website – MF Central

✅MF Central (MFC) platform will be launched today, September 23, 2021.

✅  You don’t need to create a new account; your PAN and mobile number can be used to fetch all your investments.

✅MF Central will be a one-stop portal for all mutual fund transactions and you can access a consolidated list of your investments.

✅MFC will introduce services over 3 phases which will make it not just a transaction platform, but also one where one could avail other non-financial services and these processes will be standardised across AMC.

✅MFC will also show you a list of all unclaimed dividends and redemptions against all your MF units and help you access them.

✅You will also have the MFC App going forward in its phase 2 and eventually in Phase 3, you could also transact on the platform. 

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