IFA Coaching

Master Your Practice. Master Your Life.

This one to one coaching program by Brijesh will guide financial advisors to master their practice and help them improve their own quality of life and thereby, master their life.

What is covered?

  • How to grow as a financial advisor.
  • How to become a better individual, develop good habits and lead a quality life.

Who should enroll?

  • Serious financial advisors who want to balance their personal and professional life.

Coaching Fee

  • First Year – Rs.45,000/- 
  • Renewal (optional) – 50% of first year fee 


IFA CoachingFAQs
  • About Brijesh

    Brijesh runs a very successful mutual fund distribution business in India. Besides running his own practice, he has contributed immensely to IFA fraternity through his training’s, writings, tools and mentoring. Brijesh also writes daily blogs on self development and is the founder of ‘The Brijesh Dalmia Leadership Company’. He is a role model for the industry to live a balanced life.

  • Tell me more about the program.

    I will work closely with you throughout the year. I will understand your business model and give you ideas to grow faster. You will need to share your business numbers regularly with me so that I can monitor your progress. Besides this, I will also guide you to become a better individual, develop good habits and live a quality life. The more serious you will be, the better the results would be. If you want to balance your personal and professional life, this is a good program.

  • My only objective is to grow my AUM. Should I join this coaching?

    I want to take only those IFAs in this program who are keen to improve the quality of their life along with growing business. Of-course, I will discuss strategies to grow your mutual fund AUM but if this is your objective, you should not join this program.

  • Is this program related only to mutual funds?

    “This program is primarily based on financial advisory business as a whole, not just products. However, mutual funds will form a substantial part of it under the theme – Master Your Practice.”

  • Is this program suitable for IFAs in small cities also?

    “Yes. This program is suitable for all categories of IFAs (big or small) and all cities, across India.”

  • Do I need to share my client’s detail and information?


  • Is there any limitation on telecon??

    “No. You can talk to Brijesh any no. of times. Telecons will be pre-fixed.”

  • What will be the mode of communication?

    “Mostly, it will be through telephonic discussions, email and messaging. We can also engage on video calls. If you come to Kolkata, personal meetings will be arranged. If I travel in your city, we can meet there too.”

  • Can I terminate the coaching in between?

    “Yes. You can. If the terminations happens within 3 months, 50% of the pro rata fee of the remaining period will be refunded. After 3 months, no refunds would be given.”

  • Can Brijesh terminate the coaching in between?

    “Yes. In this case, full pro-rata fee of the remaining period will be refunded.”

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