• Mahesh Maruti Chavan, Mumbai

    Masterstroke Sales Presenter is very valuable. It carries simple and decent presentation. After two years, I have been able to do client meetings without my iPad.

  • Koonal Jain, Samriddhi Investment, Kolkata

    I am a member of MasterStroke. Online Sales Presenter is helping me increase my business. I am also using client proposals extensively. They look so professional. Thank you so much for creating such wonderful tools which every advisor needs.

  • Hitesh Kakkad

    First of all I would like to thank you for your motivation. I had attended your sessions some 7-8 yrs back when I used to be at 10-15 Cr aum. Today, I am among the top IFA from my town (Jalgaon) with aum above 75cr. I consider your learning as one of the top contributor for my growth.

  • Rajesh Rao, Bangalore

    Executive planner is very good. It scores over technology driven calenders. Thank you.

  • Garima Kanungo

    Coaching by Brijesh sir was amazing. I am into life insurance since last 10 years but after being coached with Brijesh sir i realised how mutual fund is more beneficial for both clients and IFA. He always gives straightforward and to the point answers. He gives solutions that are simple to understand. What I learnt most from the coaching is – its all about meeting and getting more organised with your numbers which gave me a reality check that I never did enough meetings. I understood most of the sales pitch, objection handling, presentation skills gets developed when we keep meeting people. My S.I.P book was 7 lacs in past 2 years. During my coaching with Brijesh Sir in 6 months my S.I.P book has reached 1981000. Everytime I have spoken to him I have learnt something new.

  • Hemant Beniwal

    Being a Financial Planner it’s not tough to understand role of a right coach. Few years back I met Brijesh Dalmia in a conference & decided to take his guidance in our practice. He is always ready to help – challenged our thinking & helped us in building bigger vision – guided & mentored to reach milestones. A lot of credit for our small success goes to BD – I am writing small because I know he will not allow us to be complacent. BD brings an incredible perspective for coaching advisers, thanks not only to his own experience working as adviser, but also his efforts to connect with other advisers and bring home ideas, concepts, tools, and techniques that can be applied in our practice. He is extremely knowledgeable, very professional, brutally honest and up front, and it is a pleasure to deal with him.

  • Sanjeev Mundhra

    A successful person with the right wisdom to train the IFA community to grow big time Anybody who follows his proven process under his guidance is bound to be on the path of success. Have always heard that one shoud have a mentor,coach .Am lucky to find one in Brijesh Masterstroke managed by mastermind Brijesh Dalmia is sure pathway to success Stay tuned with him

  • V A Prabhu, Bangalore

    I m approaching the fag end of my first 3 year of mf selling. I hv jst now renewed my arn fr nxt 3 years. And I want to thank u immensely. I was lucky to read your book “a case for mutual fund selling” as soon as I got my ARN number 3 years back. Your book changed my destiny. I have garnered 6 crores aum. Was it not for your book I would have probably lost steam after getting demotivated after a year. But I kept on acquiring clients. As of yesterday I m at client number 374. I have set myself a target of 100 crores aum by 1st Jan’2020.

  • Archana Bhingarde, Mumbai

    Me and my team is using Mutual Fund Sales Presenter made by Brijesh Dalmia from last 2 years. We are very happy with its effectiveness. It is very organised and structured. We just have to follow the process. Nowadays, we send PDF of this presentation on WhatsApp to outstation clients and explain them on phone which is equally effective as explaining them in person. This presentation comes with our branding and is very attractive and colorful. It explains benefit of starting early, benefits of power of compounding in a lucid manner.

  • A.Varadarajan, Tamilnadu

    I have been using Masterstroke Sales Presenter a lot. The moment I show the illustration of capital appreciation STP to clients, they start thinking about investing in STP instead of FD.

  • Jyoti Wakade, Mumbai

    I am using Masterstroke Sales Presenter very effectively. The comparison with FD with STP is very very effective. Not only clients, even I am surprised.

  • Nitin Maroli, Mangalore

    I use Masterstroke Sales Presenter extensively. It has been very useful for me.

  • Dhananjay Kale, Pune

    Masterstroke Sales Presenter is quite informative and useful. It carries valuable inputs about long term wealth creation.

  • T.M.Subrahmanya Swamy, Mysore

    I am using Masterstroke Sales Presenter depending on my client’s requirement. It is very helpful to demystify various myths about mutual funds.

  • Sudipta Sengupta, Kolkata

    A meeting notebook, I realised is essential and I did keep notes occasionally. However I soon realised that professional IFAs need to do it consistently and also take notes during meetings. Meeting Notebook of Brijesh Dalmia is simple but effective to note minutes of client meetings. I can file the notes for next meeting too. A must for budding IFAs.

  • Devdatta Dhanokar, Mumbai

    Meeting Notebook created by Brijesh is very useful. I am using it and it creates a positive impact in client’s mind. Now, it so easy to maintain meeting records.

  • Bharat Bagla, Kolkata

    Brijesh is one of the rare people who can be classified in the selfless category. He is one of the most genuine persons that I have come across and would vouch for him in every aspect of life. His knowledge levels are beyond comparisons and his reading habits are unmatched. I have personally been a beneficiary of his immaculate advice at many times and would like to thank him for everything that he has done for me. Thank you Brijesh. Keep up the amazing work.

  • Arvind Sharma, Mohali

    Earlier I was using simple paper to take detail of the client. Now I feel more organised and professional while meeting the client.

  • Srinivas, Vijayawada

    Sir I have no words to express my gratitude to you for the time you are spending for all our brethren. Every message of yours ignites a new light of thought and introspection in us. May god give you a long life full of happiness and health.

  • Kirit Kesaria, Mumbai

    Your posts and messages and emails are really superb and very much inspiring and motivating. Keep them coming. I am loving it.

  • Sarvesh Rege, Indore

    I read your valuable message and implement the same. It is helping me think positive and improving my skills.

  • Suresh P. Vithlani, Rajkot

    Thank you very much for your support. I have downloaded all your videos from You Tube in my MP-3 player & listening daily, particularly “Control Risk of your clients”. Your efforts are helping small IFAs like me to sustain and grow in very competitive period. Thank you.

  • Ravi Kalariya, Rajkot

    I thank you for your efforts to motivate me through sending motivational quotes, video, article etc. I love to receive your daily masterstroke. Your efforts in creating awareness and motivating IFAs throughout the country is remarkable. Your effort is helping the whole industry. Once again thank you for your great efforts.

  • Jayesh Parekh

    Masterstroke quotes by Brijesh are wonderful. His insights gives us lots of inspiration in becoming a leading IFA. I always look forward for his guidance & valuable advice. I hope he will give your valuable time, energy & knowledge for the growth of IFA community & mutual fund industry for the years to come.

  • Ramesh Josyula

    Mr. Brijesh is an inspiration to the entire IFA fraternity. He is a role model for me.

  • Suresh

    I am highly motivated and influenced by masterstroke quotes by Mr. Brijesh Dalmia. Because of his suggestions, I now know better how to select a scheme and manage risk of my clients. I am able to sell more due to his advice. Thanks a lot to Mr. Dalmia.

  • Uday Salunke, Mumbai

    I attended Mr. Brijesh Dalmias session at Dadar, Mumbai recently. Earlier I used to sell lower value SIPs but after applying his strategy I have been able to sell higher value SIPs. His advice is very useful.

  • Ram Gaikwad, Pune

    Now I have achieved AUM of Rs.70 cr & SIP of Rs.1.10 cr. per month. My March 2018 target is AUM of Rs.100 cr & SIP book of 1.5 cr. Thanks for your support and valuable motivation.

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