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These are exhaustive videos on business development which every IFA should watch. These videos will help you improve your efficiency, give a clear direction and motivate you to become a top IFA.

  • Stay loyal to your clients

    Most clients are extremely loyal to their advisors. All they expect is an honest advice and good service. They may talk about returns but eventually they value relationship more than just returns. This makes the job of an advisor very very simple. Just do your best and you can ...
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  • Don’t hurry

    The budget has become routine for the markets. Like any other event. Don’t overemphasize it. Don’t try to be ‘Me First’ in sending budget highlights to clients. Many clarifications take a few days to come. Also, send only those changes/highlights which are related to your work. Nothing more. Clients ...
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  • Advisory is becoming more challenging

    Financial markets are dynamic. Things change over time. We used to consider mutual funds as very safe. They still are but defaults in debt market is impacting debt funds negatively. Any which way, It was difficult to sell debt funds to clients over bank fixed deposits and on top ...
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  • Digital payments: The next game changer in mutual fund industry

    Digital payments are now commanding a significant share in mutual fund transactions. A recent AMFI – CRISIL study shows ...
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  • Is high profitability of AMCs due to high TER?

    At the second AMFI Annual Summit held in Mumbai, SEBI chief Ajay Tyagi commended the industry for achieving stellar ...
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  • The indirect cost of direct plans Marketplace

    In recent times, we have seen quite a few advertisements and promotions for direct plans of mutual funds. They ...
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