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  • Digital payments: The next game changer in mutual fund industry

    Digital payments are now commanding a significant share in mutual fund transactions. A recent AMFI – CRISIL study shows ...
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  • Is high profitability of AMCs due to high TER?

    At the second AMFI Annual Summit held in Mumbai, SEBI chief Ajay Tyagi commended the industry for achieving stellar ...
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  • The indirect cost of direct plans Marketplace

    In recent times, we have seen quite a few advertisements and promotions for direct plans of mutual funds. They ...
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  • Let’s respect each other

    During bad markets, portfolio of clients go down. Some IFAs, when they approach other existing clients and look at their portfolio, bad mouth the earlier IFA suggesting that the choice of AMCs and schemes were not good.They say that the investor should not have invested so much in small ...
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  • Beautiful memories of hard work

    As a financial advisor, you will definitely grow over time. There is no quick fix way. There is now one way. Keep exploring and keep trying different things. Write blogs. Create a channel. Do seminars. Send mailers. Advertise. Attend conferences. After a decade when you will become super successful ...
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  • Don’t make mutual fund distribution business complicated

    The simplest business I have known is mutual fund distribution and yet many IFAs are making it look complicated. It is not a rocket science. All is requires is; meet more and more people, sell more and more SIPs, focus on asset allocation, provide exceptional service, stay with client ...
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