Business Associate can earn a decent income on business procured

Commissions earned will be paid out monthly to bank account.

BA’s own membership will get 50% discount on renewal and 25% on store items

Role of Business Associate

  • Connect with MFDs and explain them the benefit of becoming a member of Masterstroke.
  • Provide individual and group demo to MFDs.

How to become a Business Associate

1. Connect with us

Connect with us on our website and share your contact details, our team will reach out to you within 24 hours.

2. Necessary Discussions

We will have a discussion with you on how to take it forward.

3. Get On Board

Setting up of working terms to welcome you on board with Masterstroke Family.


Can I source Membership from anywhere in India?

Can Basic Member become a masterstroke business associate?

Validity period of Masterstroke Business Associate?

Steps to become a masterstroke associate?