Everyday I get questions from MFDs as to how to convince prospective clients who are investing through direct plans.

Well, there is no need to convince them. If something is cheap, many people will be driven towards that. There is nothing right and wrong ab ...

01 Mar 2022
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Learn the Game

It is important to spend time learning the game. Yes, you can have fun playing it without getting a hold of it but you won't win. An occ ...

05 Apr 2021
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Sell the right products

Mutual funds are good products. That doesn't mean other products are bad. There are some great schemes other than mutual funds, which sh ...

25 Jan 2021
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Don't do too many things

I have seen many MFDs trying too many things to grow. It seems as if they have FOMO (fear of missing out) if they don't participate in e ...

04 Jan 2021
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Year 2021 could be more challenging than 2020

Against the odds, surprisingly, both equity and debt markets delivered good returns in calendar year 2020 (so far). The challenge seems to b ...

23 Dec 2020
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Marketing is important. It will get you more clients which in turn will increase your business. However, spending more time in learning is m ...

30 Nov 2020
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There is just too much discussion happening around the MFD vs RIA regulations. Both MFDs and RIAs have their concerns. Neither of them is ha ...

12 Oct 2020
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Stay Loyal to your Clients

Most clients are extremely loyal to their advisors. All they expect is an honest advice and good service. They may talk about returns but ev ...

25 Apr 2019
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Don't Hurry

The budget has become routine for the markets. Like any other event. Dont overemphasize it. Dont try to be Me First in sending budget highli ...

02 Feb 2019
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Advisory is becoming more challenging

Financial markets are dynamic. Things change over time. We used to consider mutual funds as very safe. They still are but defaults in debt m ...

22 Jan 2019
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Beautiful memories of hard work

As a mutual fund distributor, you will definitely grow over time. There is no quick fix way. There is now one way. Keep exploring and keep t ...

22 Oct 2018
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Returns or Safety

It is quite natural for clients to look for higher returns but as investment professional we must know that safety is their primary concern. ...

14 Jul 2018
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Don't make mutual fund distribution business complicated

The simplest business I have known is mutual fund distribution and yet many IFAs are making it look complicated. It is not a rocket science. ...

07 Aug 2018
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Let's respect each other

During bad markets, portfolio of clients go down. Some IFAs, when they approach other existing clients and look at their portfolio, bad mout ...

25 Oct 2018
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Build it in such a way

Revenue will always be under pressure as the industry matures. Don’t worry about that. Also, you have no control on this. You should a ...

26 Jun 2018
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What should be the amount transfer strategy in STP

STPs could be used in many ways. It could be used as a capital protection strategy wherein only the appreciation amount can be transferred t ...

05 Jun 2018
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Should I invest in dividend option or growth option

After 2018 finance budget, it makes more sense to invest in growth option. This is because, tax deferment is considered to be better than pa ...

14 May 2018
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Daily or weekly SIP vs monthly SIP

Few AMCs and IFAs promote daily or weekly SIPs. They claim that historical data suggests that returns are better because of this. Many IFAs ...

03 May 2018
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Don't always jump to do bottom fishing

Remember this. Every rise is not the top and every fall is not an opportunity to buy. Don’t always jump to do bottom fishing. The port ...

06 Feb 2018
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Engage in Positive Marketing

No doubt, a lot of investors are moving ‘direct’. It’s there choice. Some of them will benefit from it also while it will ...

01 Feb 2018
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Embrace the change

Challenges are part of any business. In our business, regulations are becoming stricter and many IFAs think it will make them extinct. No, i ...

18 Dec 2017
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