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Select a Calculator

Click the category of calculator you want to use from the menu. There are several categories :-

  • Onetime related Calculators
  • SIP related Calculators
  • STP related Calculators
  • SWP related Calculators
  • Combination based Calculators
  • Comprehensive (Education/Marriage/Retirement) related Calculators

Within each category, you will see many calculators. Click any calculator you want to use.

Enter data

Once you click on a calculator, a data input screen will appear. Enter your data as per fields given in the calculator. In most cases you can use two scenario of expected returns.

Select what you want to include in your report

You can customize your report by adding the following.

  • Client Name
  • Suggested Schemes & its performance
  • Summary report or detailed report

Once you click on ‘Submit’, the output report will come.

More Options

You can save the report (Click on Save button)

You can download the report (Go to Saved files and click on Download button)

You can merge your report with a sales presenter (Click on Save & Merge with Sales Presenter button)